School Management Committee

The school is managed by a Committee consisting of teachers and parents. Regular meetings are held to discuss parents' feedback, new developments and initiatives, and any other issues to ensure that the school runs efficiently and effectively. Additional tasks managed by the Committee include events hosting, managing school website, student registration, teacher management, external communication, and break time activity supervision in and around the school.

Committee Members

Jenny MaoHead Master
Anna LeeDeputy Head Master
Haiyan ZhangDeputy Head Master
Yurong LinCommittee Chairman
Ai Ling ChengHealth & Safety
Alison MokEvent Manager
Dayong DingAccountant
David LauAdviser
Holly HohBook Keeping
Jinping HuangSchool Secretary
Janice TangFinance Manager
Kevin WangFinance Executive
Lei YuSite Manager
Steven XuFinance Executive
Tina YuFund Executive
Yen LimFund Manager