School Rules

For pupils

  • - listen carefully to instructions
  • - keep the school rules and behave well and be polite to others
  • - no running and shouting inside the school.
  • - take good care of the school environment, do not litter
  • - be punctual and finish school homework on time
  • - during lessons , pay attention to teacher and no music or mobile phone
  • - do not eat in classroom
  • - no ball games inside the school
  • - keep to the designated area at break times and do not leave the school compound

For parents / guardian

  • - ensure your child arrives in school on time and is collected on time
  • - let the school know if you will come late to pick up your child
  • - inform the school when your child is absent
  • - support your child with homework
  • - attend parent consultation events organised by school
  • - ensure the safety of all children by parking and driving away safely
  • - make sure the school always has an up-to-date contact telephone number

School Policies

Homework Policy

Discipline Policy