Our teachers are selected according to their experience and commitment. New teacher must pass a test after one term's trial period before being formally accepted. Unsuccessful teacher will be given another chance to re-sit the test one month later. Those who is unsuccessful on the second occasion will not be considered. Existing teachers are assessed annually for their performance.

Teachers must not arrive late. Holiday request must be applied well in advance allowing sufficient time to find a supply teacher. Resignation needs two months of notice. In addition, the resigning teacher must finish teaching for the current term, and hand over the teaching programme to the new teacher. On the second week of a term, teachers are required to produce a current term's teaching programme, indicating their targets.

The school holds a Parent and Teacher Consultation event twice a year. The first consultation is normally held together with Chinese New year celebration, and the second consultation is at the End of Year Assembly.


Lin, ZhangReception
Jing, Xu1A
Yan, Xu1B
Siewling, Lim2A
Jinping, Huang2B
Zong Lan, Zhang3A
Ting, Wang3B
Mimi, Zhang4A
Shuang Ping, Li4B
Ming Jiang5A
Haiyan, Zhang5B
Jing, Zhou6
Anna LeePre-GCSE
Lili WangGCSE
Min WangAdult Class