Teaching Method

Our School uses simplified characters, Hanyu Pinyin (Romanised Chinese) and Putunghua. The text book for teaching is called "Zhongwen" published by Jinan University Press in China. There are altogether twelve sets of text books. Each set consist of 2 exercise books A & B and a text book. Year one pupils receive 2 additional books for Hanyu Pinyin.

Teaching Requirement

Due to the varying background of pupils in the class, teachers have to generalise the standard of the whole class during the course of teaching, aim to improve pupils' listening and speaking ability, and gradually improve writing skills. There are weekly tests on spelling and an end of year examination in the summer terms. Teaching atmosphere should be lively, able to attract pupils' attention, increase their interest in learning Chinese, and develop their learning potential. The school target is to provide classes for GCSE and A level standard.

For pupils in lower years, the teaching approach should be strict and yet lively, and if necessary, include additional materials such as word puzzles to stimulate interest.

For pupils in higher years, again the teaching approach should be strict with emphasis on developing pupils' own initiative and ability in learning Chinese.

If a book is completed ahead of schedule, it should be revised and consolidated again to make sure pupils fully understand the contents and are able to apply what they have learned. If there is still spare time, then the teacher should move on to the next text book.

Teachers have to set and mark pupils' work, which includes exercise book A & B, plus any extra homework. All corrections must be completed and remarked again, especially for essay. Where necessary, the teachers should give guidance on how to improve the quality of the completed work