Open Day 2017/18

Pei Ying Chinese School will reopen on Saturday, September 9th, at the old address in the Southgate School. The school opens at 1:30pm and closes at 4:00pm.

In order to avoid long queues on the first day, we have made changes to the registration process this time. Tomorrow, we will not collect school fees from current students or students who have already registered in the waiting list. Instead, we will collect school fees from new students only.

Current Students & Waiting List

If you are parents of current students or you have pre-registered your children in the waiting list, then follow the instruction below:

To bring our records up to date, we require all parents to fill out the registration form for your children. A copy of the registration form is attached. Please note the following:

- Complete the form at home prior to coming to the school.

- Leave the “Class” field empty and fill it in at the school

- Write your email address & mobile phone number as clearly as possible.

On arrival, you will see the list of classes and student names posted on the walls in the entrance hall. Please look for the class number of your child, fill in the “Class” field on the registration form, then take your child straight to the class room. In the class room, hand the registration form to the teacher.

If you can’t find the class number of your child in the list, then go to the stage area in the hall and ask at the help desks.

Your child might need to buy new books. Please check the attached “Classes & Books 2017-18.PDF” to find out if or not your child needs a new book. If you need to buy books, come back to the hall after you have sent your child to their class room. There will be book desks in the hall. You should pay at the book desk by cash or cheque. We do not accept cards.

That’s all you have to do on the first day. We will ask you to pay school fees from week 2. Further instructions will follow by emails.

New Students

If you have not yet registered your children, then follow the instruction below:

On arrival, in the entrance hall walk through the door on the left then immediately turn right into the hall. Take your child to one of the enquiry & assessment desks.

The school fee is £200/year for all classes except GCSE. For GCSE, it is £300/year. The cost of books can be found in the attached “Classes & Books 2017-18.PDF”. Please note that we accept cash & cheque, but not cards.